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Dreamy necklace

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Virginie designed the Pink Rainbow collection as a meaningful token of love. Each piece is handcrafted in 18k gold and precious pink tourmaline gemstones.

The collection is something classic but colorful too. It features dainty and delicate bar rings, earrings, and pendants, with a standout rainbow-shaped pendant adorned in various shades of pink tourmaline.

Why pink tourmaline gemstones?

Love is the common thread in all meanings attributed to pink tourmaline. It’s a gemstone that serves as a expression of romantic love, love for one’s friends, love for one’s family and love for one’s self. Furthermore, it’s tied to compassion and emotional healing.

Product Details
18 carat gold with precious pink tourmaline gemstones
Pendant 1cm diameter
This necklace is adjustable to 2 separate lengths of 40cm & 43cm