Tutorial: How to do our bracelets on thread

Tutorial: How to do our bracelets on thread

Since the launched our thread bracelets collection, we have been asked thousands of times how we make our bracelets to get that neat & tangle-free finish.

And we are finally here to share it!

Here is a short tutorial on how to do our bracelets on thread.

  • Cut 34cm thread to make the bracelet.

    • Tip: Burn the tip of the thread to prevent fraying while doing the bracelet.

    • If you want to make an anklet cut 46cm thread, and for choker 68cm.

  • Insert the thread to the charm, up to about 10 cm, then fold. With the 10 cm thread on top, make a ‘U’ loop overlapping onto the rest of the thread.

  • Hold the ‘U’ loop with your thumb leaving at least 3 cm thread allowance from the thumb until the tip of the thread.

  • Using the thumb to buffer, wrap the 3 cm thread over the loop.

    • Tip: We do the knot by twisting the 3 cm wrapping thread up - then under - then up again.

  • Wrap it 3 times, making 3 layers of thread stack nicely before locking the knot.

  • To lock the knot, insert the tip of the wrapping cord through the ‘U’ fold loop, then slowly pull the whole knot to tighten.

    • Tip: Using a tweezer or your fingers, pull and squeeze the thread together to make sure the knot is done tightly.

  • Cut the excess cord leaving just enough (about 1mm) to melt and lock the tip afterwards.

  • Using a lighter melt the tip of thread to lock the knot and get a clean finish.

    • Tip: Use a lighter with adjustable flame. Set at the minimum. Be careful to direct the flame away from the bracelet.

  • Use super glue to further secure the bracelet. Apply just a very small amount on the knot.

    • Tip: Be careful not get glue anywhere else otherwise the knot won’t slide smoothly.

    It might be confusing at first but once you get the hang of it, it will be so easy and you might find this a fun bonding time with the kids!
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