Transcending Time: Practicing Mindfulness

Transcending Time: Practicing Mindfulness

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From the beginning of humanity, we have endeavoured to make sense of time; To measure, interpret and understand it.

The experience of time can feel very different. From extremely slow when life seems hard, to fantastically fast when blissfully living.

Let us not be chased by time and forget how precious it is.

Many of us live very busy lives. We live following a scheduled itinerary to complete for work, chores, social gatherings or even for hobbies. When we are so busy, it feels like there is this constant ticking of the clock at the back of our heads as we go through the loads of things to do. As we finish one thing, our minds tend to remind us of the other million things we have yet to accomplish and then comes this rush that makes us feel like we don’t have enough time. This rush is what causes stress, anxiety and pressure. This is what causes our minds to perceive this bustle so real that we feel so suffocated as if the future of not ‘having enough time’ already happened and we forget what is happening ‘right now’.

We forget to live in the present, to enjoy the moment and to do things ‘now’. And this is where Mindfulness comes in. Mindfulness is a practice of purposely bring one’s attention into the present moment. It is when you re-awaken yourself in the present moment instead of dwelling in the past or anticipating a future that is yet to come.

Practice mindfulness in three steps:

The key to mindfulness is to take things one step at a time. Here are some tips how to start.

1. Take the time to breathe

Meditation is one way to clear the mind of the noise of thoughts. Each day, take the time to sit down, take deep breaths and align yourself in the moment. Focus on each breath, feel the quietness (or any sound around), the air tingling on your skin and the scents playing in your nose. Clear your mind of any thoughts and bring yourself in the moment. When you feel that your presence is there, allow your thoughts and emotions to come one by one. Let them pass slowly, evaluate each and every thought and emotion without raising any negativity. Explore possible response to each calmly and peacefully.

2. Step back from your busy schedule, briefly in between.

In between the rush of your everyday life, make sure to take a break for a few minutes to re-align yourself. A minute or two to breath will make a big difference.

When we are so busy, our minds tend to wander around all the other things in our to do lists – the next meeting, upcoming deadline, unanswered emails, house chores, groceries, your dry cleaning, maybe even feeding your pet. A brief pause to breath between these tasks will help your organize your thoughts and bring your focus back to the present and allow you to put all your attention and energy to the task you have at hand. By not allowing your mind to wander, you are freeing yourself of unnecessary worries and strains.

3. Have a reminder, a token of sort to remind you to take each moment at a time.

Humans are a creature of habit, once we get used to a certain routine it is very difficult to break out of it, and so in starting to practice mindfulness having something as a constant reminder to take a break will be very handy. It can ne an alarm on your phone that rings in between your schedules, or a flashy note on your desk that you won’t miss, or maybe an item that will serve as your reminder each time you see it. Anything as long as it works to remind you to take the time to breathe.

When we manage to fully immerse ourselves in the present moment, a second feels like eternity and we have successfully suspended time. If you reach that moment, you have fortuitously unlocked the great secret of time, and perhaps even of life!

At tinyOm, our Transcending Time collection was created around the meaning of time. It reflects different aspects of time and can serve as a reminder how precious time is.


The hourglass reminds us to live in the present moment, emphasising the transient and ever-changing nature of our lives. Time is ephemeral, impossible to catch, and cannot be relived once each precious second has passed. Just like grains of sand passing through an hourglass cannot be halted.

Tree of Life

The tree of life, with its leaves going through a recurring cycle of death and rebirth, mirrors our own personal growth over time. Like new foliage on the tree, each fresh start brings us a positive new outlook, full of energy and potential.


The Sundial is the earliest type of timekeeping device, using the sun to project a slow moving shadow on its surface.

Sundials symbolise the interconnection between the Sun, our Earth and the passage of time.

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