NEW Transcending Time...

NEW Transcending Time...

From the beginning of humanity, we have endeavoured to make sense of time; To measure, interpret and understand it.

However time is ephemeral, impossible to catch, and cannot be relived once each precious second has passed. Just like grains of sand passing through an hourglass cannot be halted.

The experience of time can feel very different. From extremely slow when life seems hard, to fantastically fast, blissfully living.

When we manage to fully immerse ourselves in the present moment, a second feels like eternity and we have successfully suspended time.

If you reach that moment, you have fortuitously unlocked the great secret of time, and perhaps even of life!




Big Hourglass necklace & Hourglass ring

Hourglass bracelet

Big Sundial necklace & Triangle Sundial earrings

Sundial & Triangle Sundial rings


Big Tree of Life necklace & Tree of Life ring

Big Tree of Life necklace - Small Tree of Life necklace - Tree of Life earrings

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