Under the Sea ~ A Refreshing Summer

Under the Sea ~ A Refreshing Summer

During the hot summer season, cools colours in the shades of blue, turquoise and teal which are reminiscent of the ocean waves, or charming colours like coral pink-orange or red that reflects the sunset, along with playful designs around undersea creature such as hippocampus, octopus and shells give a distinct refreshing vibe perfect for the summer.

Discover our playful & meaningful Under the Sea pieces to match your summer vibes

Charming Hippocampus

    The Hippocampus symbolizes good luck, magic, strength, persistence, and peace.

    Acting as a protector for sailors and sea lovers, its gentle beauty reminds us to recognize and embrace our own vulnerabilities and to be considerate of the challenges that others face as we evolve on our life paths.

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    Friendly Octopus

      As a talisman, the octopus is linked to wisdom and intelligence.

      The octopus symbolizes intelligence, knowledge and wisdom. This little Einstein is resourceful and has great creativity when facing obstacles.

      It is also an animal, that lives in a peaceful environment, as a talisman, the octopus pushes you to self-reflect and to find emotional equilibrium.

      The octopus is a resilient and adaptable animal, when facing a stressful environment, the octopus reduces it stress by accepting the events and going with the flow. It is a reminder to accept things that can’t be changed and to instead focus our intelligence and energy on things we can change.

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      Tiny Sea Shell

        Shell are usually perceived as a symbol of feminine energy. It is often used as a charm for healing, fertility and magical power.

        In Tibetan Buddhism, the shell also symbolizes hearing. Hearing the others but also the world that surround you. It is also believed to be linked with upper chakras and is therefore helpful for stimulating psychic development and intuition.

        In Chinese Buddhism, it is one of the eight emblems of good luck. Several cultures see it as a powerful protection against ill-fate, and shells were worn around the neck to be protected at all-time.

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        Natural Pearls

          Pearls are timeless. Its delicate beauty has been associated with great figures in history throughout the ages and is often a defined with purity, beauty and magnificence.

          In some cultures, pearl is seen as a symbol of wisdom. Natural pearls are born by nature. They are in the depth of the ocean where each pearl went through tides before its creation. This is likened to a person going through various experiences in life and the wisdom one gains from those experiences.

          Pearls are also seen as reminder for us to look and dive into our own inner oceans and discover the brilliance hidden within.

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