Summer ~ Colourful and Playful Threads

Summer ~ Colourful and Playful Threads

Wherever you are, summer is all about revitalizing & refreshing. It is about taking a break from work, school or just life in general and enjoying the time with the family, with friends or even alone. This season is the time when we do a lot of activities, be it active ones such as swimming, hiking, back-packing, leisure sports, or even relaxed outings like yoga retreat, camping or city tours. With tons of activities lined-up, along with the heat of summer, people tend to dress down during this season. For that reason, simple jewelleries are always in trend during summer.

A perfect example of summer accessories are thread jewelleries. Thread jewelleries are dainty, durable and perfect for every day wear. They can be worn casually alone, or layered with other threads in different colours for a fun playful look. They can also be style-up by adding gold or other metal bracelets in your stack.

Subtle, delicate and minimal. We believe that jewelleries need not be so bold in order to make a statement. Even a simple charm can hold thousands of meaning for a person who wears it. Our thread jewelleries, like any jewelleries from our collections holds certain intentions that makes them meaningful and playful.

Meaningful & Playful, jewelleries with intentions

Chakra on thread collection

Our iconic chakra bracelets on colourful threads!

  • Sahasrara/Unity. The Crown chakra is about devotion, inspiration, selflessness and spiritual understanding.

  • Manipura/Confidence. The Solar Plexus chakra relates to personal power, self-esteem and energy.

  • Svadisthana/Creativity. The Sacral chakra relates to our emotional identity, creativity, pleasure and pain.

  • Ajna/Serenity. The Third Eye chakra facilitates our sense of perception, sharpening our intellect and concentration and strengthening our imagination.

  • Anahata/Love. The Heart chakra represents love, acceptance and trust. Sensitivity and unconditional love for the self and others.

  • Vishuddha/Communication. The Throat chakra represents clear communication and self-expression.

  • Muladhara/Roots. The Base of the Spine chakra enables us to strengthen our sense of belonging, feel secure in our actions and increase our sense of self-worth.

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Les merveilleuses collection

Like a delightful Collection of Curiosities, it is filled with playful charming creatures and enchanting fanciful cosmic elements.

  • Starry Moon. The moon represents the subconscious, it is the mysterious link between our dreams and our reality. Having the moon as a talisman can push someone to listen to its heart and to follow the dreams they have.

  • Amethyst Stone. Amethyst is a meditative and calming stone which works on the emotional, spiritual, and physical realm to promote serenity, balance, and peace.

  • Cosmic Eye. The cosmic eye is the intuitive eye. It sees everything, it can also perceives the truth behind appearances. The Cosmic Eye is all accepting, it looks without judgement.

  • Topaz Stone. Topaz is for balancing and soothing. It cleanses emotions and thoughts, while bringing joy, love and peace.

  • Graceful Songbird. The songbird lives freely and lightly in the sky. Having the bird as a talisman is a reminder to enjoy simple pleasure, to let negativity behind and to go with the flow.

  • Spirited Horse. The horse embodies motivation and passion. Our energy is represented by the untamed horse, free and driven by passion. But one the horse is tamed, this energy can be used to build greater things.

  • Queen Bee. The bee is a symbol of constant work and determination. As a talisman it is a reminder that organization can help you to be efficient and to achieve faster your goals.

  • Friendly Octopus. The octopus is a resilient and adaptable animal. When facing a stressful environment, the octopus reduces its stress by accepting the events and going with the flow. It is a reminder to accept things that cannot be changed and to instead focus our energy on things we can change.

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    Transcending Time collection

    When we manage to fully immerse ourselves in the present moment, a second feels like eternity and we have successfully suspended time.

    • The hourglass is a reminder to live in the present moment. It symbolizes the inevitable passing of time just like grains of sand passing through an hourglass cannot be halted.

    • Tree of Life. The tree of life, with its leaves going through a recurring cycle of death and rebirth, mirrors our own personal growth over time.

    • The sundials symbolise the interconnection between the Sun, our Earth and the passage of time.

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      Talisman collection

      Protective and symbolic pieces that communicates something personal and special to the wearer.

      • Kundalini Snake. One of the oldest symbols of mythology, the snake represents rebirth, transformation, and healing of the old form as it sheds its skin and regenerates a new being.

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