NEW Pearls of Eternity

NEW Pearls of Eternity

For many years the little island of Bahrain, on the Persian Gulf, has been my second home.

It’s a special place between East and West, a land with great acceptance and love for different cultures.

Bahrain's pearls have been prized as some of the best natural pearls in the world and Pearl diving belongs to Bahraini cultural identity until now.

Few years back, I loved designing the Pearls of Eternity collection, a celebration of this beautiful heritage featuring the wonderful Bahrain natural pearls.

Today I created NEW pieces for this collection.

The pearls I selected are still irregular shaped and of slightly different hues to enhance the feeling that natural pearls occur randomly in nature, that are the product of a living organism.

Every piece has been handcrafted using a soft shade of 18k rose gold.

I asked my good friend Joumana to model for the collection's photos. A smart and gorgeous entrepreneur, who could well represent the elegance, the beauty and the spirit of the new pieces and only during the photoshoot did she explain to me that her name in Arabic means "the perfect pearl".


Circle Pearls necklace
Pearls drop earrings & Pearls bracelet III
Pearls stud earrings III & Pearls choker II
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