Feature: tinyOm x HER/etiquette

Feature: tinyOm x HER/etiquette

Lovely Nel-Olivia Waga shares her discovery and insight on tinyOm jewellery pieces in her international luxury lifestyle blog – HER/etiquette.

Read her thoughts about tinyOm here: https://her-etiquette.com/tinyom-jewellery-for-the-soul/

Nel-Olivia Waga is a Brand Consultant, an Author and Entrepreneur, focused on bringing Sustainability, more Well-Being and Consciousness to the Luxury Industry.

Prior to becoming an Entrepreneur, Nel-Olivia graduated from University with a Diploma in Business Management & Marketing and Communication, worked as a Model, followed by international Sales and Marketing positions.

Her projects support the ethics of The UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development to inspire for action towards a more positive future.

Nel-Olivia is the publisher & founder of HER/etiquette, an established international blog. She is a contributor to the Forbes magazine. And CEO & Founder of YMPACT LAB, The Zurich based, globally operating firm offers bespoke consulting focusing on strategy, purpose and sustainable impact.

HER/etiquette is an international luxury lifestyle blog founded in 2014, re-launched in 2019. This blog features stories under the aspect of a conscious mindset. It collaborates with leading brands and specialists who share the idea of generating a positive impact in the world. Based in Zurich and London, it covers local hotspots and global trends around sustainability, innovation, well-being, health, beauty, travel, time, art, business and charity.

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