BIG Summer Sale!

BIG Summer Sale!

I am delighted to announce our BIG ONLINE SALE with up to 50% OFF on selected 18K gold pieces.

Explore the charm of our signature Chakra collection, the meaningful Land of Destiny collection, and the elegant Wave collection.

Inspired by the profound meaning of the seven chakras, our Chakra collection reflects the beauty of the lotus flower, with each piece representing one of the chakras. Adorned with gemstones, each color symbolizes the emotion linked to the flower, connecting us to unique aspects of our Being. Understanding what each chakra represents helps us become aware of these aspects, allowing the energy to flow freely within us.

The Land of Destiny collection draws inspiration by the minimalist ancient script called Cuneiform, one of the oldest forms of writing known, dating back to 3400 BC. Originating in the Middle East, Cuneiform pictograms were used for trade, astronomy, omens and prophecies, wisdom literature, and lullabies. The collection includes delicate necklaces, earrings, and rings bearing the meaningful pictograms "Destiny" and “Joy” and the masterpiece “The Cuneiform Poem”.

The Wave collection tells a story of resilience and transformation. A wave can flow around obstacles in its path, yet it possesses the strength and ability to change and affect all that it touches. This power to adapt embodies the flow of life. The crashing of the waves on the shore, the depth of the vast ocean, each drop of water becoming one with it—all these elements together symbolize oneness and unity.

Limited stock is available. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to own a jewelry piece that resonates with your soul.


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