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Chakra anklets

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Anklet with chakra pendant.

The anklet is adorned with a fine stone whose colour symbolizes the energy linked to the chakra, and a tinyOm signature meditation symbol adorning the clasp.

The 7 Chakras are the spiritual energy centres within the body.

Choose your chakra anklet :
Sahasrara/Oneness/Violet Tourmaline,
Ajna/Serenity/Purple Amethyst,
Vishuddha/Communication/Blue Iolite,
Anahata/Love/Green Peridot,
Manipura/Confidence/Yellow Citrine,
Svadisthana/Creativity/Orange Carnelian,
Muladhara/Roots/Red Garnet

Product Details:
18 carat gold
This bracelet is adjustable to 2 separate lengths of 15.5 cm cm or 17 cm