Anahata necklace with 7 Stones


Anahata chakra necklace with 7 chakras gemstones at the back and tinyOm signature meditation symbol adorning the clasp.

The Anahata chakra represents our ability to give and receive love. Each delicate shimmering gemstone embodies one of the 7 chakras, the spiritual energy centres within the body.

Pink Tourmaline for Unity, Purple Amethyst for Serenity, Blue Topaz for Communication, Green Peridot for Love, Yellow Citrine for Confidence, Orange Carnelian for Creativity and Red Garnet for Roots.


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Material :
18 carat gold.
 7 gemstones: a red garnet, an orange Carnelian, a yellow Citrine, a green Peridot, a blue Iolite, a purple Amethyst and a violet Tourmaline.
Measurements :
This necklace is adjustable to 2 separate lengths of 40 cm or 43 cm. Pendant diameter is 1.6 cm.