Chakra and stones necklace

Chakra and stones necklace


The delicate gold chain, adjustable in three different lengths, is refined with Chakra and gemstones.

Gentle, powerful and lively, the gemstones related to each chakra create beautiful circles of colourful light.

The golden chakras will give harmony and balance, the colours joy and peace.

The 7 Chakras are the spiritual energy centres within the body. They are symbolised by seven lotus flowers which are associated to seven different colours.

Chakra and gemstones

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Material :
18 carat rose. Weight is 3.8g.
Choose your gemstones: red Garnet, orange Carnelian, yellow Citrine, green Peridot, blue Iolite, mauve Amethyst or violet Tourmaline.
Measurements :
Adjsutable length: 78/88/98 cm