I speak

The Throat Chakra together with Pine essential oil has a calming effect, which encourages self-expression, whether through speech, writing or non-verbal communication.

The Chakra candles by tinyOm is a collection of 7 natural-scented candles representing the 7 chakras. Each candle holds the fragrance of the natural essential oil of the respective chakra.

According to ancient Hindu and yogic traditions, there are 7 main energy centres in the subtle body known as chakras. Each Chakra is connected to a unique aspect of our Being and relates to a specific essential oil.

The candles are hand-crafted in France with 100% biodegradable and natural wax in small batches. The candle holders are handmade by skilled ceramic artisans in Provence, engraved with the symbol of each Chakra and hand painted in its corresponding colour.

Shipping is available in Bahrain and EU countries only.

  For candles, shipping is available in Bahrain and EU countries only.

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Composition :
HANDMADE IN FRANCE. 100% Natural composition (soy wax). Perfumed with organic essential oils. 100% cotton wick.
Measurements :
200g | 7oz