Between 2 Seas


BETWEEN 2 SEAS is a tribute to my second home, Bahrain and its amazing cultural and artistic heritage.

In celebration of Bahrain National Day, I designed a pendant with a shape of an Arabic traditional door and symbols that remind me of Bahrain: the sea, the sun and the moon.

I added a natural pearl, the most precious and beautiful product of this land.

The pendant is handcrafted in 18k rose gold.

Why the name 'Between 2 Seas'?

The word Bahrain means `Two Seas', in fact the island contains two kinds of water, sweetwater springs and salty water in the sea.

It’s a location between East and West, a fertile land with great acceptance and love for different cultures.

Moreover, doors carry a huge significance in Arab culture as they are made to symbolise new beginnings and an expression of the region's artistic traditions.

chain size
  • pendant only
  • 40cm, 43cm & 46cm
  • 43cm, 46cm & 49cm

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Material :
18k rose gold and natural Bahrain pearl.
Measurements :
Chains are adjustable to different length: 40cm, 43cm & 46cm / 43cm, 46cm & 49cm.