Chakra Card Game


With the Chakra Card Game you can create your own yoga sequence based on the chakras, or you can play a fun family game with children and grown ups.

Each chakra is connected to unique aspects of our Being. Knowing what each chakra represents allows us to become aware of those aspects so we can experience them and learn what we can do to keep the energy flowing freely.

Practice your chakra sequences:
7 sets of cards, 1 for each chakra
Each set contains 6 cards identifying the 6 main poses, 1 preparation card, 1 cooling down card, 1 chakra card explanation

Crazy family card game:
42 cards, divided into 7 Chakra families. Objective: To collect as many complete families as possible by the end of the game.
Ages 6 and up
2-4 players

490 Items
Composition :
65 cards
Measurements :
8cm x 13cm