In the vast cosmos,
Stars are being born,
Galaxies expand,
And dark matter fills the infinite space.
In the middle of all this, I stand, infinitely small, infinitely big.
Every atom of me is made of stardust, of cosmic fragments created in the fires burning at the heart of stars.
So like the stars, I shine and I resonate with the vibrations of the Universe.

tinyOm Origins is hand-crafted in 18k yellow gold and black Onyx.

Origins necklace I


Origins necklace II


Origins necklace III


Origins necklace IV


Origins necklace V


Origins necklace VI


Origins necklace VII


Origins long earrings I


Origins long earrings II


Origins stud earrings I


Origins stud earrings II


Origins stud earrings III


Origins stud earrings IV


Origins stud earrings V


Origins stud earrings VI


Origins stud earrings VII


Origins earrings I


Origins hoop earrings


Origins hoop earrings I


Origins hoop earrings II


Origins bracelet I


Origins bracelet II


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Origins ring I


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