• Candle

    The Chakra candles by tinyOm is a collection of 7 natural-scented candles representing the 7 chakras. Each candle holds the fragrance of the natural essential oil of the respective chakra.

    The candles are hand-made in the South of France with natural wax.

  • Art Prints

    The teenyTinyOm Art prints are Virginie’s original drawings. Using pastel and natural colours she created a little yogi that with simple lines and a lot of fun, poses in the asanas related to each chakra.

  • Chakra Mirrors

    The Chakra Mirrors, are a collection of 7 mirrors with the shapes of the 7 chakras.

    Beautifully carved in beech wood, they will add a functional artistic detail to a wall or a table.

    The Chakra Mirrors will instil balance and natural reflected light in the spaces they inhabit.

Sahasrara Chakra Mirror


Set of 8 Chakra Art Prints

Sahasrara/Lavender Sahasrara/Lavender



Ajna Chakra Mirror


Chakra Art Print

Ajna/Cedar Ajna/Cedar


Vishuddha/Pine Vishuddha/Pine



Vishuddha Chakra Mirror

Anahata/Rose Anahata/Rose



Anahata Chakra Mirror

Manipura/Neroli Manipura/Neroli



Manipura Chakra Mirror

Svadisthana/Orange Svadisthana/Orange



Svadisthana Chakra Mirror

Muladhara/Patchouli Muladhara/Patchouli



Muladhara Chakra Mirror