• Chakra Card Game

    With the Chakra Card Game you can create your own yoga sequence based on the chakras, or you can play a fun family game with children and grown ups.

    Each chakra is connected to unique aspects of our Being. Knowing what each chakra represents allows us to become aware of those aspects so we can experience them and learn what we can do to keep the energy flowing freely.

  • TeenyTinyOm Cushions

    Decorative cushions, hand embroidered and hand made in 100% organic botanical dyed cotton.

    Little yogi, TeenyTinyOm, plays with the asanas and matching inspirational quotes.

    Soft colour hues, organic natural feeling and meaningful text make these cushions a fun and mindful addition to any space.

  • Chakra Candles

    The Chakra candles by tinyOm is a collection of 7 natural-scented candles representing the 7 chakras. Each candle holds the fragrance of the natural essential oil of the respective chakra.

    The candles are hand-made in the South of France with natural wax.

  • TeenytinyOm Tote Bag

    Hand embroidered and hand made in 100% cotton tote bags.

    Casual, fun, practical, meaningful & unique for everyday use.

  • Chakra Mirrors

    The Chakra Mirrors, are a collection of 7 mirrors with the shapes of the 7 chakras.

    Beautifully carved in beech wood, they will add a functional artistic detail to a wall or a table.

    The Chakra Mirrors will instil balance and natural reflected light in the spaces they inhabit.

  • Art Prints

    The teenyTinyOm Art prints are Virginie’s original drawings. Using pastel and natural colours she created a little yogi that with simple lines and a lot of fun, poses in the asanas related to each chakra.

Chakra Card Game


New Beginnings Cushion


Sahasrara Chakra Mirror


Set of 8 Chakra Art Prints

Sahasrara/Lavender Sahasrara/Lavender



Yasutani Roshi Quote Cushion


Ajna Chakra Mirror


The Path is the Goal Tote Bag


Chakra Art Print

Ajna/Cedar Ajna/Cedar



Have A Break Cushion


Vishuddha Chakra Mirror

Vishuddha/Pine Vishuddha/Pine


Anahata/Rose Anahata/Rose



Empathy, Untangle me Cushion


Anahata Chakra Mirror

Manipura/Neroli Manipura/Neroli



Have A Break Tote Bag - big


Manipura Chakra Mirror

Svadisthana/Orange Svadisthana/Orange



Svadisthana Chakra Mirror

Muladhara/Patchouli Muladhara/Patchouli



Muladhara Chakra Mirror


Uttanasana Asanas Cushion


Setu Bandha Sarvangasana Asanas Cushion


Lewis Carroll Quote Cushion


Tadasana Asanas Cushion


Virabhadrasana I Asanas Cushion