• Les Merveilleuses

    Take a peek inside the whimsical world of Les Merveilleuses.

    Like a delightful Collection of Curiosities, it is filled with playful charming creatures and enchanting fanciful cosmic elements.

  • Chakra Collection

    The chakra collection is the original Tiny Om collection.

    It was inspired by the meaning of the seven chakras and their beautiful symbol - the lotus flower.

    Each piece represents one of these chakras and is often adorned with a gemstone whose colour symbolizes the emotion linked to the flower.

  • Chakra on Thread Collection

    Unity, Serenity, Communication, Love, Confidence, Creativity and Roots...
    Our iconic chakras on colourful thread

  • Pearls of Eternity

    The very essence of this collection is the natural Bahraini pearl, fashioned in creations of 18k gold with tinyOm’s contemporary and unique design.

    Bahraini pearls are the rarest and most exceptional thanks to  their unique nature: they are created where fresh water springs burst out into the sea saline water.

    For more than 2000 years, Bahrain's pearls have been prized as some of the best natural pearls in the world.

  • Love is Blind Collection

    tinyOm LOVE IS BLIND capsule collection is a celebration of Love in all its forms. A 18k gold rectangle plate with the word LOVE in Braille language, rose gold for her, white gold for him on a colourful thread bracelet.

  • Wave Collection

    A wave can flow around obstacles in its path, and yet it possesses the strength and ability to change and affect all that it touches. Its power to adapt embodies the flow of life.

    The crashing of the waves on the shore, the deepness of the vast ocean, each drop of water becoming one of it.

    And again it came to me the meaning of oneness, the unity, the “one”.

  • Flower of Life Collection

    The flower of life, considered as sacred geometry, is a beautiful and visual expression of the connections life weaves through all sentient beings.

  • Talisman Collection

    Protective and symbolic pieces that communicates something personal and special to the wearer.

  • Dreamcatcher Collection

    According to legend, dreams that humans have while they sleep,
    are messages sent by sacred spirits.

    tinyOm’s golden web, feathers and precious stones  allow good dreams to pass through to the wearer.

  • Chakras for Men

    Meaningful jewellery for men. The simplicity of a purposeful everyday life. 

    The chakra bracelets on thread are a keepsake and a source of positive energy.

  • tinyOm for Girls

    Protective jewellery for little souls: dreamcatchers to make sweet dreams come true and chakra pendants for harmony and balance.

Flower of life necklace


Sacred dreamcatcher necklace


Unity silver bracelet


Tiny Flower of life necklace


Sahasrara necklace


Unity Bracelet on thread


Big Wave necklace


Natural Pearl Medal


Unity Anklet on thread


Strength necklace


Serenity silver bracelet


Tiny sweet web dreamcatcher


Ajna necklace


Flower of life earrings


Feathers necklace


Natural Pearl Ring


Wave necklace


Serenity Anklet on thread


Communication silver bracelet


Leaf Diamond necklace


Serenity Bracelet on thread


Feather pendant


Communication Bracelet on thread


Vishuddha necklace


Tiny Flower of life earrings


Pearl Necklace


Communication Anklet on thread


Seventh Heaven cuff


Love silver bracelet


Big Wave Diamond Necklace


Cosmic Eye Big Medal


Starry Moon Big Medal


Love Bracelet on thread


Anahata necklace


Wave diamond necklace


Flower of life bracelet


Love Anklet on thread


Long Pearl Earrings


Confidence silver bracelet


Creativity silver bracelet


Queen Bee Medal


Confidence Bracelet on thread


Flower of life cuff


Manipura necklace


Pearl Stud Earrings


Wave earrings I


Confidence Anklet on thread


Feather earrings


Svadisthana necklace


Roots silver bracelet


Starry Moon Medal


Creativity Bracelet on thread


Feathers stud earrings


Flower of life diamonds cuff


Pearl Bracelet


Wave earrings II


Creativity Anklet on thread


Muladhara necklace


Sweet web dreamcatcher bracelet


Graceful Songbird Medal


Roots Bracelet on thread


Flower of life ring


Pearl Bracelet on thread


Wave earrings II with diamonds


Roots Anklet on thread


Cosmic Eye Medal


Pearl Ring


Sahasrara paved diamonds necklace


Wave earrings III


Feather ring


Spirited Horse Medal


Unity Pendant on thread


Pearl Brooch


Ajna paved diamonds necklace


Wave stud earrings


Friendly Octopus Medal


Serenity Pendant on thread


Wave bracelet


Long Pearl Necklace


Vishuddha paved diamonds necklace


Tiny Seashell Medal


Communication Pendant on thread


Wave cuff


Anahata paved diamonds necklace


Topaz Stone Medal


Love Pendant on thread


Manipura paved diamonds necklace


Wave diamonds cuff


Svadisthana paved diamonds necklace


Wave ring I


Peridot Stone Medal


Confidence Pendant on thread


Muladhara paved diamonds necklace


Wave ring II


Amethyst Stone Medal


Creativity Pendant on thread


Wave ring III


Amethyst Stone Bracelet