• Chakra collection

    The chakra collection is the original Tiny Om collection. It was inspired by the meaning of the seven chakras and their beautiful symbol - the lotus flower. Each piece represents one of these chakras and is often adorned with a gemstone whose colour symbolizes the emotion linked to the flower.

  • Précieux chakras

    Unity, serenity, communication, love, confidence, creativity and roots.
    Chakras are meaningful, diamonds are eternal.
    The iconic chakras paved with diamonds are the most precious reminder of
    the oneness of life.
  • Flower Of life collection

    The flower of life, considered as sacred geometry, is a beautiful and visual expression of the connections life weaves through all sentient beings.

  • Mother Earth collection

    Evoking the serenity and joy that the beauty of nature brings us, each piece in this collection serves as a reminder of those tiny, exquisite gifts Mother Earth has given us.

  • Talisman Collection

    Protective and symbolic pieces that communicates something personal and special to the wearer.

  • Dreamcatcher collection

    According to legend, dreams that humans have while they sleep,
    are messages sent by sacred spirits.
    TinyOm’s golden web, feathers and precious stones  allow good dreams to pass through to the wearer.

  • Chakras for men

    Meaningful jewellery for men. The simplicity of a purposeful everyday life. 

    The chakra bracelets on thread are a keepsake and a source of positive energy.

  • Tiny Om for girls

    Protective jewellery for little souls: dreamcatchers to make sweet dreams come true and chakra pendants for harmony and balance.